Practice Inspiration

Create online music lessons and share them with your students to practice at home
  • Capture the most important moments during lessons
  • Create enhanced loops for students to play along with at home
  • Make practice time as fun and interesting as the lesson
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Why do students avoid practicing?

They can’t remember what to do (even though you wrote it down…)
They lose the inspiration when they can't remember what to do
They feel guilty or insecure, and avoid practicing to avoid these feelings
Yet they keep coming back to lessons… why?
Because they love learning from You!

It’s not rocket surgery

Build confidence and inspiration with new ways of engaging students during home practice
Circular Timeline

Watch your students light up with motivation as they loop recordings and add cool sounding layers.

Organized Lesson Materials

Keep lesson materials in one place alongside PDF files and videos.

Inspiration On Demand

Discover a growing library of creative lesson plan templates.

Beat Matching Algorithm

Slow down or speed up without changing the pitch.

More Confidence

When students can instantly recall exactly what they worked on in the lesson and play along with it, they practice more and they
quit less.

Better Progress

When students feel inspired and confident at home, they make better progress...

Higher Engagement

When students make better progress week over week, lessons are more fun and engaging.

Master Your Instrument

Mastery takes practice, and practice should be creative and fun.

With Musico, you can instantly recall what happened in the lesson and play along with engaging tracks at different tempos.
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Play Along With Rockstars

Jump into jam sessions with your favorite artists. Imagine Dragons, the Beatles, Avicii, Queen, and many more are waiting for you to join the band!

Produce Your Own Tracks

Record your favorite ideas, add different layers on the spot, and mix things up with hundreds of samples, loops, and beats.


Get a full access to all lessons and projects.

  • Get Interactive home assigments from yoour teacher
  • Unleash the artist in you - create your own personal projects
  • Record yourself playing or upload recordings from your device
  • Ask your teacher for help using our in-app messenger
  • One place for both learning materials and creations
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